It’s not about the pool. It’s about what happens at the pool.

Residents don’t remember the amenities. They remember the stories, the laughs, the late nights, and the lazy afternoons at The Grove. It was this idea that sparked an identity and eventually, a way of life.

A solid marketing strategy moves people. Even college students.

Sure, renewing leases was the goal. But we used every renewal and move-in campaign as an opportunity to position The Grove as a place residents would truly think of as home – or the closest thing to it. That, and some much-needed urgency, was our formula for creating successful on- and offline campaigns that moved residents (and took home a gold Addy award).

Equal parts social strategy, computer graphics, and cannonballs.

The Grove’s got it all and we wanted everyone to know. So we spent two days on location filming an amenity-focused promo video with some of the best college students – and college mantras.

Short stories worth sharing. (With or without free pizza.)

From movie nights to basketball tourneys, there was a lot going on at The Grove which gave us endless opportunity to channel our inner college student while creating property flyers and social graphics galore. The events were a hit and residents were happy.

Grove news travels fast.

With a little self-promotion and an over-abundance of school spirit, move-in time at The Grove was proof that our vehicle wraps never went unnoticed.

Shuttle bus for the Baylor Bears, Waco Texas.

Shuttle bus for the Baylor Bears, Waco Texas.