When weight loss powerhouse, Jenny Craig, introduced celebrities into their national advertising initiatives, they wanted to incorporate the added layer of each one’s personal journey in real time, across all media channels, despite the risk of exposing the pitfalls associated with non-compliance and/or dieting plateaus.


ZWO’s strategy was absolute. To get married. By going on the Jenny Craig journey with each celebrity, each time, we were able to provide an authentic extension to their voice within a brand-friendly context. In other words: Influencer marketing before it was cool. The raw experiences and insights were fresh, relatable and scalable per sales objective, media platform, weight loss goal and seasonality. From ghost writing to directing, our PR strategy successfully blended the Jenny Craig voice with each woman and changed the way the industry approached testimonial (and influencer) marketing.


Valerie Bertinelli blog

rated highest

by AOL

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New Years Eve TVC in a decade

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4 years in row, revenue 12%, retention 30%


Workout Video

By offering a workout video with every food order, we inspired women everywhere to lose weight the healthy way.                                                                                                    

Print Ad

We turned every woman’s New Years resolution on its head by embracing and promoting weight loss during the holidays. And it worked.                                                                                                    

People Magazine

With powerful stories and some of Jenny Craig’s longest running ads, we continued to move women, as well as the needle.