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Woodward & Zwolinski Adds Marketing Assistant To Staff

Greenville, South Carolina – December 27, 2011

Woodward & Zwolinski [Wozwo] has hired Claire Bigeard as a Marketing Assistant to assist with project management; support customer research and strategic plan development for clients; and track response and ROI on projects and social media engagement.  Bigeard, who is a part of an international work program, graduated from Winthrop University with a BS in Integrated Marketing Communication, a degree in Foreign Languages from Université Paul Valéry, and a degree in Public Relations/Event Planning from the Superior Institute of Communication, both of the latter in Montpellier, France. Past experience included work in public relations for two companies in France, a restaurant and event, as well as a marketing internship for a company in Charlotte, NC.

"We've been looking for additional project support for our clients," says CEO of Wozwo, Tina Zwolinski.  "And since we're already so involved internationally through our volunteer efforts, working with Claire came as a natural fit for our company's culture."

As a brand consulting & business development firm, Wozwo works to transform its clients' customers into communities of thoughtful, involved, passionate brand advocates. Wozwo accomplishes this by implementing cause, community, customer experience, influencer, and word of mouth marketing -- particularly using web, social media, and web 2.0 tools. The company's expertise in strategic counsel, marketing direction, and brand development for local, state-wide, national, and international clients has allowed it to serve clients in diverse industries, including apparel, student housing, sports, events, youth, and non-profit segments. For more information on Wozwo visit or contact them at 864.630.6670.

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