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Woodward & Zwolinski Selects Pendleton Place For 2012 Service Organization

Greenville, South Carolina – March 27, 2012

Woodward & Zwolinski [zwo] has selected Pendleton Place Children's Shelter as its 2012 Upstate service organization.  Pendleton Place, which provides a home for children and youth who have been removed from their homes by the Department of Social Services, has a rich history of service to children since its founding in 1975 by the Junior League of Greenville.  Woodward & Zwolinski's corporate leadership and staff will provide quarterly social events and outings for groups of Pendleton Place youth, from movie nights, to game nights, to outdoor activities.  Most recently, Woodward & Zwolinski staff hosted a bowling party and lunch for 12 children; the event also featured a ventriloquism act from a zwo staff member.

"I've always believed that a corporation's volunteer efforts need to be purposeful and focused,” says Tina Zwolinski, CEO of zwo.  “We want to be as thoughtful about our charitable efforts – in a way that will allow us to have an impact on a specific cause – as we are thoughtful about strategic planning or social media choices for our clients.  Plus whenever we take on a cause, we like to commit to hands-on involvement, energy, and some "sweat equity."  Youth are a big part of our marketing expertise – and the needs of young people, particularly those without parents or homes, are also a passion of ours."

As a brand consulting & business development firm, zwo works to transform its clients' customers into communities of thoughtful, involved, passionate brand advocates. Zwo accomplishes this by implementing cause, community, customer experience, influencer, and word of mouth marketing -- particularly using web, social media, and web 2.0 tools. The company's expertise in strategic counsel, marketing direction, and brand development for local, state-wide, national, and international clients has allowed it to serve clients in diverse industries, including apparel, student housing, retail, sports, events, youth, and non-profit segments. For more information on zwo visit or contact them at 864.630.6670.

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