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Woodward & Zwolinski Selects Four for Annual Summer Intern Mentoring Program

Greenville, South Carolina – July 25, 2011  

Woodward & Zwolinski [Wozwo] has selected four new interns, two marketing interns and two graphic design interns, for its annual Summer Intern Mentoring Program. Laura Johnson attends the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, where she is pursuing a double major in Marketing and Management and a minor in advertising.  Connor Snook, of Furman University, is majoring in Business Administration.  Caryn Karriker will receive a BA in Fine Arts [concentration in graphic design] and a minor in art history from Anderson University. Cameron Ridenour graduated from Anderson University with a major in Art [concentration in graphic design] and a minor in art history.

"One of our spheres of expertise is in reaching the youth market," says CEO Tina Zwolinski.  "We're experts at reaching, influencing, and expanding a brand's consumer youth market and leveraging the Millennial, Gen-Y, and iGeneration segments.  And part of the reason we're so good at that is that we enjoy being with young people, working with them, and learning from them."

"Our annual Summer Intern Mentoring Program offers college students the opportunity to get their feet wet in the world of branding, marketing, and business development, with mentors who can help them grow and mature in their craft.  And it allows the rest of us to keep sharp and learn from a whole new generation."

As a marketing & business development firm, Wozwo works to transform its clients' customers into communities of thoughtful, involved, passionate brand advocates. Wozwo accomplishes this by implementing cause, community, customer experience, influencer, and word of mouth marketing -- particularly using web, social media, and web 2.0 tools. The company's expertise in strategic counsel, marketing direction, and brand development for local, state-wide, national, and international clients has allowed it to serve clients in diverse industries, including apparel, student housing, sports, events, youth, and non-profit segments. For more information on W&Z visit or contact them at 864.630.6670.

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