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Woodward & Zwolinski Selects Three for Annual 2012 Summer Intern Mentoring Program

Greenville, South Carolina – July 31, 2012  

Woodward & Zwolinski [ZWO] has selected three new interns, one marketing intern and two graphic design interns, for its annual Summer Intern Mentoring Program. Alex Beeson attends Clemson University, where he is pursuing a major in International Business Management and a minor in legal studies. Nora Brazell, also of Clemson University, is majoring in Graphic Communications and completed a design internship at OOBE, another Upstate company, in 2011.  Emily Weiland will receive a BA in Graphic Design from Anderson University and has already received a Silver ADDY award for her design.

"Our annual Summer Intern Mentoring Program offers college students the opportunity to experience the world of brands, target markets, and consumer research under ZWO designers, writers, and executives," says Tina Zwolinski, CEO.  "Not only do we enjoy teaching the next generation of designers and marketing experts, but we appreciate being able to remain engaged with the youth market, since they're primary target audiences for many of our clients."

As a branding & business development firm, ZWO works to transform its clients' customers into communities of thoughtful, involved, passionate brand advocates. ZWO accomplishes this by implementing cause, community, customer experience, influencer, and word of mouth marketing -- particularly using web, social media, and web 2.0 tools. The company's expertise in strategic counsel, marketing direction, and brand development for local, state-wide, national, and international clients has allowed it to serve clients in diverse industries, including apparel, student housing, retail, sports, events, youth, and non-profit segments. For more information on ZWO visit or contact them at 864.630.6670.

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